Our online training and nutrition coaching offers the new and experienced fitness individual the unique opportunity to work with and be accountable to a fully qualified, successful and results driven personal trainer from anywhere in the world.

Out goes… the scheduling difficulties’ of you and your trainer not being able to match up training times
In comes… flexibility to train when best suits you
Out goes… the cost of multiple training sessions with your trainer per week
In comes… the affordability of training as often as you like and your plan advises with a set monthly affordable cost
Out goes… the not knowing what to do on your non PT training days
In comes… a full weekly workout and nutrition plan for you to follow


I know that fitness clients come with a wide range of goals and desires, some with gym and training experience but needing specific coaching to get to that illusive next level while others are needing support and guidance from the very start of their fitness journey. Additionally, clients come with a wide range of limitations and training preferences and I aim to take all these into consideration as I design your plan.
I start by asking you to complete an in depth online health and fitness questionnaire to help me understand your history and current situations.

Covering aspects such as:

Training history and experience
Food preferences
Food diary
Quality and patterns of sleep

From this detailed information we pick and agree on the most appropriate training level for you..
Once agreed I then use the information to create you a workout and nutrition plan to take you to your goals.

Online Training


Our workout plans are delivered through our easy to use and powerful training APP.  Each exercise comes with an instruction video and supporting instruction text to ensure your correct form and application. Not only do I recommend the correct exercises with sets and reps but you can input your actual results  to ensure your progress the next time. It’s all about the progress right!




My nutrition plans are based on your optimal calorie and marconutrient requirements to achieve your goals and come delivered to you fully itemised with each food given in grams per serving and a full Calorie and macronutrient breakdown per food, meal and per day.
Clear and easy goals to follow.

Sample Meal planner


The success of online training and coaching is highly dependent on great communication between the client and coach and as such my plans offer both email and Skype support to ensure the right support and guidance is there for you along your journey.
I have also a great Facebook support group page that I encourage you to join, ask questions, gain encouragement, support and discuss all things fitness and nutrition.



Again, for online training to be successful you need to be held accountable for the things you are doing day to day. I am here to make sure that happens. You will be taking key measurements, progress pictures as well as logging all your food into ‘My fitness pal’ and your workouts into the NBD training APP and these will be discussed in our email and Skype support calls.
What gets measured gets done!


Do you need to be super fit and experienced for online training to work? … NO!

You DO need to be ready to work, to follow the plans and advice given, to feedback your success and failures to ensure I can amend the plans where appropriate.
Making serious physical progress is a matter of your mental power and ability to push yourself where you’ve not been before.

If you’re mentally ready, wanting to make a serious change and willing to follow my lead then we should be working together!

Online training and Nutrition coaching cost effective tariffs 
  • £7 per month
  • Training APP access with a BRAND NEW workout each month
  • Weekly advice and tips emails
  • Never get bored with your training routines again

  • £90 per month
  • PRO training APP access
  • Weekly advice and tips emails
  • Bespoke training plan design
  • Bespoke daily calorie and macro goals with itemised food plan and ongoing amendments
  • Supplement advice
  • Fortnightly email support
  • 1 x 45 minute Skype support call per month
  • * Minimum 3 month commitment
  • Convenient secure monthly subscription through PayPal
  • Please Enquire Below
  • £135 per month
  • PRO training APP access
  • Weekly advice and tips emails
  • Bespoke training plan design
  • Bespoke daily calorie and macro goals with itemised food plan and ongoing amendments
  • Supplement advice with additional tailored plan
  • Weekly email support
  • 2 x 45 minute Skype support calls per month
  • * Minimum 3 month commitment
  • Convenient secure monthly subscription through Payal
  • Please Enquire Below
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What my clients are saying

I can personally say I’ve never met a pt as focused on my goals as Andy ! I didn’t know what I wanted to achieve but now I’m nearly a stone lighter and have an exceptionally toned physique! Yeah it’s hard work but it’s defo worth it my whole attitude to food and training has changed and I can’t wait to tackle what’s next in store for me.




Mega chuffed!………………on the 5th of jan 2015 I was given a bespoke diet and training plan by Andy Naylor, the food is great and I have changed from boxed food to freshly made meals and took pride in what I eat and drink, and I can now confirm that I’ve broken the 2 stone weight loss as I’ve lost 2 stone, 1lb and feel the best I have for a long time, I still can’t believe that after my illness last year I’ve even stepped foot in a gym and it just feels normal to do so. I can’t recommend andy’s training and gym 11’s facilities enough and of course Sarah Green for encouraging and sorting my meals out. If you want to look good in that bikini (I’ve just bought a new one), or those budgie smugglers then get yourself booked in.




Clive Philips
I started working with Clive mid March.
Clive puts 100% into every workout, nothing is left, every effort is given!

During our time we have worked around a couple of substantial injuries that led to careful exercise selection and control over the movements to enable Clive to continue moving forward while rehabilitating the injuries.

Clives absolutely awesome results are clear to see.

*** 1 stone 9 lb FAT loss ***

(Clive has progressively increased strength in key lifts such as Bench press, Leg press and Pull downs)

*** 9.4 inches worked off around his chest and abdomen ***

Clive enjoys a varied nutrition plan, never goes without food, cooks fresh and still enjoys his favourites.

If you need help with your body transformation, fat loss, lean muscle gain, nutrition plans, workout plans, support, encouragement and motivation then get in contact now.



Joanne 1

I’ve been PT’ing with Andy for just over a year now to improve my physique and fitness.  My main motivation was to get into a dress for a Christmas Party!  I had 6 weeks to achieve this (drop a dress size) and I did.  I changed my body shape to enable me to wear the dress, I felt fantastic.  In my case, it wasn’t all about loosing weight, sometimes you can get the shape you desire, by staying he same weight.  After I saw these results I decided to keep training with Andy and I haven’t looked back.  I am now much fitter and stronger than I have ever been.  In fact I can now do my belt up on the hole I did when I was 18!  (Yes I still have the belt)  Which is well over 20 years ago!  During this time I have enjoyed the motivation, encouragement, support and Andy’s sense of humour.  Andy will push you to ensure you get the best out of your training session and reach your goals.   I can highly recommend Andy and his desire and passion for you to achieve is inspiring.  Go on, you know you want to!

“Before I started with Andy, I was classed as obese by the doctor. I hadn’t done any exercise in years, I was lazy and never really wanted to go to a gym. I was extremely unfit, in constant pain with my knees and my back. I had no core strength after my cesarean.  I was seeing an osteopath weekly to try and fix my back pain. After only a few weeks with Andy, my back pain had vanished, I could pick my daughter up easily, bound up the stairs and keep up with the kids running away! Andy knows exactly the right exercises to suit my fitness requirements, that won’t cause pain or problems with my knees. Andy pushes me and gives me exactly the right encouragement without pushing me too far or putting me off. I cannot believe I’d say this but I actually look forward to going to the gym and working out. The added bonus is I have dropped 2 dress sizes and totally changed shape – in a good way. I’m loving the new me and the compliments!”
Will Holden

Our plan with Will was to help him add lean muscle while striving to keep him trim and at best even loose some additional body fat along the way. Will has stuck to the nutrition plan avidly and has worked my muscle building and fat loss routines extremely hard.
We aimed to add muscle to his upper body areas with chest, shoulders, back and arms being targeted most.
Will’s results speak for themselves, a leaner and more defined physic with more muscle added to his frame. Will deserves his great results as the effort he has put in is enviable! Well done Will.