Nutrition is KING

IF you’re not making the progress with your body you had hoped for chances are your nutrition is not right or at worst working against you. I can help you fix this and achieve the body you desire.

Correct nutrition is the corner stone of any fitness regime and fat loss goal, so much so it should be a priority for any individual looking to change their body and health.

You can work your butt off in the gym, day in day out and see very little or, even worse no results at all:  due to poor dietary choices, meaning you are lacking or even deficient in key macro and micro nutrients.

We all know we should eat ‘healthy’, ‘clean’ and ‘well’, but what do these terms really mean, are they actually any use to us?

In fact we should focus more on the ‘amounts’ of foods rather than the actual foods themselves.

Through one of my nutrition plans I will teach you how to fully control your nutrition and how simple dietary changes will help you loose weight (fat), build lean muscle, perform better at a sport and feel healthier for the long term.

I will also teach you that it is possible to achieve your goals faster than you thought possible while STILL enjoying your favorite treats DAILY – Yes I’m not kidding, it’s easier than you think.

( I eat coco shreddies, dark chocolate, cookies, Oreo’s and other nice stuff EVERY WEEK, and I still remain lean and healthy, It’s all in the correct sustainable approach )

With a no nonsense attitude to nutrition, plans based on research, proven previous success and common sense I can guide you to your desired body goals while educating you to understand the truths behind the myths that surround the diet industry, such as:

  • Eating carbohydrates after 6pm makes you fat
  • Eating more meals per day raises your metabolism
  • You should avoid eating whole food groups
  • Saturated fat should always be avoided
  • You absolutely must have a protein shake after training.
  • You mustn’t eat Fats and Carbohydrates together

With my experience and knowledge I will create for you a sustainable healthy nutrition plan that will fit your personal needs and requirements, taking into account:

  • Calorie needs
  • Macro nutrients needs
  • Micro nutrient profile
  • Allergies
  • Meal planning
  • Hormone control
  • Favorite food choices

Nutrition plans cost just £45 and come with 4 weeks of ongoing support from me to ensure everything is working and you are able to put the plan into action and enjoy the awesome results.

(Additional ongoing support can be purchased after the initial 4 weeks period has expired, at £30 per 4 weeks.)

All plans come with:

  • A full food online questionnaire and 7 day dietary log pre plan.
  • A full set of track-able measurements to gauge progress
  • A full bespoke nutrition plan including daily Kcal, protein, carbohydrate and fat goals. Recommended food choices, alternative food choices, do’s and don’ts plus much more to get you started and set up for success.
  • Ongoing support and diet style changes based on results and progress for as long as you require.
  • Ongoing measurements tracking to gauge progress.
  • Ongoing amenability for the plan duration 


If you’re struggling to make progress in either fat loss or muscle gain the chances are your nutrition is lacking, get in touch now and let me help you get on track and moving towards your goals.


Oh and by the way – I GUARANTEE that if you follow my nutrition plans fully you will see results within 30 days or your money back – no quibble.









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Still not sure?
Check out some words from my clients:

Nathan Pepper
“Just want to say thank you so much for everything mate, you really have helped me and Nikki turn things around, the nutritional knowledge has helped my out massively and for that I can’t thank you enough 👍💪👌”

Will Holden
“When I approached Andy I had a very basic understanding about training and nutrition. I was looking to lose some body fat in the run up to summer and didn’t really know where to start. Before my course with Andy I had hit a wall with my progress and couldn’t seem to work out why. Andy completely opened my eyes to the way in which the body works with regard to nutrition, and really showed me how to get the best out of my workouts. I would recommend Andy to absolutely anyone, whatever your goal. My advice; be ready to train seriously hard and be ready to see some serious results!”

Nikki Pepper
“Thanks for the positive comments guys can’t recommend Andy Naylor enough superstar trainer who’s pushed me to achieve such great results 💪🏼💪🏼”

Sam Unwin
“5 weeks into my diet plan and I am half a stone lighter, 6.5 inches I would say skinner but I have a bit to go and 3% down on body fat! I couldn’t of done this without the support of Andy Naylor I appreciate your help! Now to introduce some Hiit training.”

Here’s where you take action my friend

See you on the other side >>>>

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