Nathan Pepper
Having Just completed 2 rounds of circuits i went to hell and back BUT what a great PT. I have noticed massive results already in just 3 weeks, i have managed to push myself further and harder each week and in the process i have lost 18lbs in body weight. This is a testament to a great PT and hard work. Anyone wanting to change You CAN do it, if I can ANYONE can. Great work Andy thanks for pushing me all the way #time2change.

Clive Phillips

I trained with Andy Naylor for a period of six months. Initially Andy put together a personalised program and during a series of 1-2-1 tutorial sessions.
Andy demonstrated the best approach and techniques for achieving results. The sessions were fun and Andy helped in getting me fired up to give my best in every session.
Andy also constructed a diet plan, which was reviewed on a regular basis, and advised on nutritional supplements which served to accelerate the rate at which the results were achieved.

Over the 6 months’ period I lost a total of 1 stone 9lbs, and 9.4 inches from my waist.

Due to logistical reasons it because impractical for me to continue to work-out in Market Harborough on a regular basis however, since the initial training sessions I do occasionally visit Gym 11 and Andy continues to inspire, motivate and offer advice. This has resulted in continued weight loss even after the initial sessions.

I would have no hesitation recommending Andy to any client looking for a personal trainer with a passion for delivering results.

Sarah Green

I can personally say I’ve never met a pt as focused on my goals as Andy ! I didn’t know what I wanted to achieve but now I’m nearly a stone lighter and have an exceptionally toned physique! Yeah it’s hard work but it’s defo worth it my whole attitude to food and training has changed and I can’t wait to tackle what’s next in store for me

Jay Garfield

Mega chuffed!………………on the 5th of jan 2015 I was given a bespoke diet and training plan by Andy Naylor, the food is great and I have changed from boxed food to freshly made meals and took pride in what I eat and drink, and I can now confirm that I’ve broken the 2 stone weight loss as I’ve lost 2 stone, 1lb and feel the best I have for a long time, I still can’t believe that after my illness last year I’ve even stepped foot in a gym and it just feels normal to do so. I can’t recommend andy’s training and gym 11’s facilities enough and of course Sarah Green for encouraging and sorting my meals out. If you want to look good in that bikini (I’ve just bought a new one), or those budgie smugglers then get yourself booked in.


Kim Oldfield
“Before I started with Andy, I was classed as obese by the doctor. I hadn’t done any exercise in years, I was lazy and never really wanted to go to a gym. I was extremely unfit, in constant pain with my knees and my back. I had no core strength after my cesarean. I was seeing an osteopath weekly to try and fix my back pain. After only a few weeks with Andy, my back pain had vanished, I could pick my daughter up easily, bound up the stairs and keep up with the kids running away! Andy knows exactly the right exercises to suit my fitness requirements, that won’t cause pain or problems with my knees. Andy pushes me and gives me exactly the right encouragement without pushing me too far or putting me off. I cannot believe I’d say this but I actually look forward to going to the gym and working out. The added bonus is I have dropped 2 dress sizes and totally changed shape – in a good way. I’m loving the new me and the found confidence”

Will Holden

When I approached Andy I had a very basic understanding about training and nutrition. I was looking to lose some body fat in the run up to summer and didn’t really know where to start.

Before my course with Andy I had hit a wall with my progress and couldn’t seem to work out why. Andy completely opened my eyes to the way in which the body works with regard to nutrition, and really showed me how to get the best out of my workouts.

I would recommend Andy to absolutely anyone, whatever your goal. My advice; be ready to train seriously hard and be ready to see some serious results!

Nikki Pepper

“Nutrition plans were part of service offered to us when we began training with Andy, we had been following a calorie counting type “diet” online for sometime mainly concentrating on amount of calories consumed rather than the types of food we were eating.

The nutritional guidance we got from Andy included education about marconutriants, and personal goals using the macros that we needed to reach daily. We leant to break our foods down into carbs, protein and fats how to use these food groups at the correct times of day to enhance training, energy levels and even sleep better!

With Andy’s guidance we have completely changed the way we eat and cook, we’ve never felt restricted or like we were dieting. Our relationship with food is healthier and we feel educated to make good choices when it comes to meal planning, food shopping and even eating out!

Andy has encouraged us to think about food in a way that has completely changed our lifestyle for the long-term, no silly diets leading to starvation that can’t be sustained but a sensible, easy to follow plan that has allowed us to succeed in our weight loss goals and continue to improve our health for the future.”

Marcus Middleton

So after 4 weeks with Naylor Body-Design (NBD) I wanted firstly, to say thank you to Andy Naylor for investing the time in me that he did. I’ve learnt new exercise protocols, the NBD 10 commandments and scientific principles of nutrition, as well as quite a bit about myself (it’s always good to get a bit of feedback and had a laugh whilst doing it. I genuinely felt 10ft tall and like I could walk through walls after every PT session.

So, if you’re looking to start exercising, already a regular gym user or a fully fledged athlete looking to take it to the next level (or 5th level above that) I can’t recommend Naylor Body-Design highly enough (just don’t ask him about KBA’s cheers Andy…tick tick boom

Sam Unwin
5 weeks into my diet plan and I am half a stone lighter, 6.5 inches I would say skinner but I have a bit to go and 3% down on body fat! I couldn’t of done this without the support of Andy Naylor I appreciate your help! Now to introduce some Hiit training.
Kyle Newman

Today I completed a free month of x3/week pt sessions with Andy Naylor . How lucky I am to have had this kick start into next level of fitness and feel like I have nailed recovery after my leg break last year which was, well, just plain sh##ty. And now I feel FAB, and that the leg thing is well and truly done with!!! Thank youNaylor Body-Design, perfect for me and I WILL be carrying on. Especially with the plank smashing thing

Chris Stewart
Just a few words to thank Naylor Body-Design for the last 4 weeks free training, with all the issues and concerns i had and how careful we had to be hes done an amazing job . Ive put some size on and lost some off my middle,but more than that its the motivation and the desire to carry on with training that id lost . Can’t thank you enough ‪#‎Greatjob‬ Andy Naylor

Joe Naylor
Anyone looking for great advice and guidance on personal training my lovely Hubster has just started his own personal training one to one guidance, working on your goals and how you want your body to change.

If interested get in touch with Andy through his F.B site. Naylor Body-Design

Katie Ruck
Having just completed week 4, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Andy for the 12 free sessions of PT, I have learnt so much already, and with your help have achieved more than I thought I could ever push myself to do! Naylor Body-Design you have big things to come!! Get in touch people it’s totally worth it!! — with Naylor Body-Design.

Sarah Hall
Hey! Thanks so much again for all your help and support over the last 5 weeks, I’m so happy with my results and not only that I’ve been inspired to continue working hard at it and create new goals. You have a way of making me work hard and pushing me whilst still making it a giggle:) Have a great weekend and look forward to training with you again soon. “