Why We ALL Need Help Sometimes







If you currently smoke or have ever smoked this will get your attention

There are about 10 million adults who smoke cigarettes in Great Britain:

this is about a sixth of the total UK population
In Great Britain 22% of adult men and 17% of adult women are smokers

Smoking rates have more than halved since 1974 when 51% of men and 41% of women smoked

Smoking prevalence is highest in the 25-34 age group (25%) and lowest amongst those aged 60 and over (11%).

Quitting smoking Surveys show that about two-thirds of current smokers would like to stop smoking but only about 30%-40% make a quit attempt in a given year.

( So roughly 66% want to give up but only HALF even give it a go!! )

The NHS Stop Smoking Services in England and Wales were established in 2000.

The number of people using them grew year on year, rising to over 800,000 in 2011-12.6,7
Since then attendance has fallen, although among those who have attended quit rates have remained at around 50%.
(WOWZERS … so with HELP, half actually give up! )

An evaluation of the effectiveness of the services found four-week validated quit rates of 53% and 15% at one year.9

By comparison the 12-month quit rate among people who attempt to quit unaided is estimated to be about 4%

(There’s the SHOCKER my friend… ONLY 4% manage to quite while going it alone…
Honestly Amigo – that saddens me)

The moral here is the NHS stop smoking service is THERE to HELP and they most certainly do with a success rate of 50%

Whereas the unfortunate who go it alone essentially fail badly with only a 4% success rate.

Learning to change your >>>

* Food and nutrition habits
* Exercise levels
* Mood and positive outlook

To give you >>>

* More energy to spend with your friends and family
* A body to be proud of on holiday
* A healthier body and mind
* A healthier lifestyle adding years to your life ( Just like quitting smoking )

Is all a matter of education and learning to change your habits

JUST LIKE quitting smoking <<<

So don’t be like 4% of failures and be in the 50% of winners and succeeders
and take the help that is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU <<

I’m waiting right HERE



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