Get abs without ever doing cardio

Yes it’s true. It is possible and I’m going to explain to you how to get abs without ever doing cardio.







Having a nicely defined midsection with visible abs is one if those fitness goals that most men and women can agree on and aspire to owning.

Abs are are not only the prize for the fitness elite.

You know the kind, you’ll see them on the front of most fitness magazines. Cover models delightfully displaying their rock solid abs and with a ‘know all’ smile and a body confidence only most could dream of.

Well I’m here to say that after working with hundreds of clients over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that nearly all could, if they REALLY wanted, get a clearly defined set of abs.

It’s not out of the reach for most individuals IF their desire is strong enough.

So, let’s look at what most would probably do to get that prize six pack.








Yep – this is still the number one thing I hear when someone wants to drop fat and get ripped.


So let’s get something straight right away

Cardio is just a tool like anything else

Other tools include >>




The use of cardio as a tool to getting ripped is not at the top of my tool belt list. Nop.

The goal to lose body fat simply comes from an energy balance deficit.

I’m guessing you’ve probably heard some stuff about this.

Simply put – To get our bodies to BURN fat we need it to NEED TO BURN FAT.
We must give it LESS energy to perform it’s daily activities (being alive, walking, thinking, eating, exercising) than it really needs. Therefore we give it NO OPTION but to go and use your body fat (stored energy) to make up the difference.

For an example it looks like this.

  • Your body needs 2500 calories per day to MAINTAIN a neutral energy balance, perform all daily activities and maintain weight.
  • If you give your body 2500 calories then you body does not NEED to burn of ffat for fuel. Everything stays as it is.


  • Your body needs 2500 calories per day to MAINTAIN a neutral energy balance, perform all daily activities and maintain weight.
  • You ONLY give it 2300 calories per day. So now your body has a negative energy balance it MUST deal with. It now has to go off and find the missing 200 calories to make up the difference.
  • These 200 calories come form your stored energy, body fat.
  • So do this repeatedly and you’ll burn off body fat.


That’s fat loss in a nut shell.

For most simply dropping their daily intake of calorie while maintaining their daily energy expenditure will result in a degree of fat loss.

SO that’s fat loss and STILL no cardio.

To speed fat loss I highly recommend RESISTANCE TRAINING.

Yes, lift weights BEFORE doing any cardio.

This is the way to get abs without ever doing cardio.

get abs without ever doing cardio






Well there are some many reasons it’s probably a whole other article.
Let just says these for now

  • More defined muscle mass
  • A stronger more powerful body
  • Better posture
  • The ability to eat more food and still lose fat _ HELL YES 🙂
  • Stronger joints and connective tissues (ligaments and tendons)
  • Most of all it will make you FEEL awesome.

The benefits are HUGE for picking up some weights and when added to a well thought out nutrition plan the two can work wonders.

By adding in EXTRA resistance training you are demanding more energy from your body.

NOW, if you give your body that extra energy in food, then all pretty much stays the same BUT you do still get the added benefits I listed above.

HOWEVER, if you do not give your body that extra energy, guess what? YEP it has to go off and make up the difference. So this means additional fat loss. 

STILL no cardio though…..

SO exactly when is cardio a useful tool for fat loss.

Ok, check this out.

So you’ve been dieting for a while and periodically reducing your daily calories over time. You’ve added in as much resistance work as you can appropriately handle and you’ve now hit a fat loss stand still.

Calories are at a low point and there will be a level that it is just not worth going below. This will vary from person to person. But what we are looking out for is when calories get to low that sufficient amounts of macro and micro nutrients are impossible to consume.

BUT fat loss has stopped. So what we gonna do hey ?
Well now here comes a great use of the tool CARDIO.

Cardio is generally low impact and can be performed numerous times per week, making it a great way of INCREASING the energy demands on your body and creating an EXTRA calorie deficit that your body now NEEDS TO FILL.
So more FAT LOSS……

However, most people looking to get abs without ever doing cardio will not reach this point.

Slowly reducing calories while hitting the weights will be enough.


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