Is being fat making you thick?

Is being fat making you thick?






Is being fat making you thick? A new brain study from Cambridge and Yale scientists shows how the brains of overweight and obese individuals look 10 years older compared to lean individuals.

Comparison of white matter (yellow) in lean vs overweight individuals (Ronan et al., 2016)

So the brain scans from 473 participants revealed a shrinkage in volume of white matter in the brains of those who are overweight and obese.

Although this does not appear to affect IQ, white matter is composed of nerve fibres. These fibres help with the communication between different regions of the brain. The more you have, the slower your cognitive decline.

So this raises the possibility that if you’re overweight, you may be more susceptible to age-related brain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

So is being fat making you thick? Possibly not BUT it does appear to probably effect some more serious brain functions longer term, so FOOD FOR THOUGHT I feel.

Source: © The Health Sciences Academy ®. All Rights Reserved.

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