Could you do this?

Could you get from this >>>




Nutrition is the CORNER STONE of any body related / fitness goal – So I ask ” Could you do this? “

Most people now know the sheer importance of good healthy nutrition and tracking daily macros and calories and if they don’t – well I hope they soon do.
It’s not enough to say ” I’m eating healthy” and think you’ll ‘lose fat’ or ‘get fit’.

Eating ‘healthy’ means something different to everyone.
There is no ONE healthy meal type – is simply does not exist.

This is the rule of thumb I use with clients when explaining healthy eating.

“If it grew in the ground, grew on a tree or had a face – eat it “

(Sorry veggies)

But you get the picture right?

Follow that for 80% of the time and you’re basically there.
Why over complicate things ????

BUT >>>

This is not enough, you could do exactly that and STILL go Michelin Man…

You need to control the AMOUNTS of things you’re eating

and the easy way is to track these things called MACRO-NUTRIENTS 

These are >>>

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates 
  • Fats

All foods fit into one or more of these categories and if you look on the back of any packet of food you buy you’ll see these macros listed as well as other things like:

  • Fiber 
  • Sugars
  • Sodium
  • Saturated fats 

Tracking your macros give you control over the AMOUNTS of those healthy things you’ve been eating and give you a platform from which to make any changes you may need to reach your goals.

I set daily macro and calorie goals for all my clients and I encourage them (strongly) to track their foods in the awesome FREE app called ‘myfintesspal‘. If you’re never heard of this or do not have it on your phone – todays homework is GO GET IT and start using it……

Once you’ve started using it and think you’re the bomb, I challenge you to become as consistent as one of my clients who sent me this screen shot of his ‘7 day graph’ yesterday.

The macros are represented by the coloured bars and my client has been inputting his food daily (for months actually) and this is the level of super consistency he has come to master.

This is what taking control of your nutrition and being accountable for what you eat LOOKS LIKE.

This puts a smile in my heart >>>>

Could you do this ??









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